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Meet the OperationFLOW team, serving the Body of Christ in Mexico and around the globe…comprometidos horse race

Rebe NovemberRebecca Coult

Las Glorias, Sinaloa, Mexico


Our base in Sinaloa, Mexico, is the home of the Coult family and whoever else happens to be living with them at the time.  Visitors describe this place as the Grand Central of Las Glorias.  On Tuesday and Friday, the Aposento Alto (Upper Room) fills up with people gathering to worship, pray and learn about God.  Any day of the week neighbors come and go, stopping in to borrow a tool, get an herbal remedy, drink a cup of coffee or get help on their English homework or school project.  The open-door policy has been one of the keys to successful ministry in this small fishing village.  With a sizeable facility (at least for our area), the Aposento Alto is also used for pastor and teacher training, children’s events, youth conferences and church retreats throughout the year.

Joaquin and Luz Aguilar

Boca del Rio, Sinaloa, Mexico

Every weekend, one will find Joaquin and Luz and their family making and selling doughnuts on the corner of Main Street in the small fishing village of Boca del Rio.  Joaquin has been “The Doughnut Man” for several years now, but if you ask him he’ll tell you what is truly important to him.  “My life is about Jesus, whether I’m playing baseball, making doughnuts or singing praises to God in church,” he says.  In addition to his doughnut business, Joaquin is also the area baseball and softball coach.  Luz helps with women’s and children’s ministries and together they work as youth leaders as well.  Joaquin and Luz have been working as ministry leaders at the Aposento Alto in Las Glorias for the past four years.  Their three children, Kevin, Eymi and Alondra, are homeschooled and are active in both sports and ministry.  This family is truly a “light on a hill” in their community.

Fabian and Sarah Mendoza

Basiroa, Sonora, Mexico (Currently living in Texas, USA, while working on residency paperwork)

Familia Mendozacropped

Fabian grew up in this village in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains near Alamos, Sonora.  Missionaries from Mexico and from the United States visited Basiroa when Fabian was a child and he dedicated his life to serving Jesus in 2000.  Since that time, God has given him a vision to see a Bible in each of the homes scattered throughout the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  Many of these homes can only be reached by foot, horse or ATV.  Therefore, he and some friends have made several trips into the mountains carrying backpacks full of Bibles.  Our earnest desire and prayer is to be able to break ground on a home and mission base in the village of Basiroa in 2019, so this God-sized dream of Fabian and Sarah, and now Jean Grace and Ian, can come true!

Braulio and Pilar Leal

Las Flores, Sinaloa, Mexico


Jesus’ disciples were a diverse group of men made up of fishermen, carpenters, businessmen, etc.  In Mexico, if you want to make a living, you need to work and you need to work hard.  God has filled our leadership team with hard-working pastors!  Braulio is a fisherman during fishing season, a businessman when there is business to do and the supervisor of our local construction company.  Above all else, though, Braulio is a pastor.  Around his work schedule, or perhaps vice versa, he pastors a small church in the nearby community of Las Flores de las Culebras.  He and his wife, Pily, have three children Madai, Nehemias and Eunice, who are all homeschooled.  Pily also serves in the church in Las Flores in women’s and children’s ministry.

Narciso and Maria Canseco

Quimichis, Nayarit, Mexico


Narciso, Maria and their three children, the eldest of whom is now married and has a new baby, live in a small farming and fishing community on the coast of Nayarit.  In 2000, God called Narciso to leave his home in the state of Veracruz and move to Quimichis to preach the Word in this difficult area.  Summers in this part of Mexico are extremely hot and humid with a lot of biting and stinging insects, but that doesn’t stop God’s work or thwart the passion with which Narciso and his family minister truth and love to the Church and community of Quimichis.  To provide for his family, Narciso makes and sells a favorite local drink called tequino.  His son, Samuel, has joined him in this business and is able to support himself and his wife in this enterprise.  Narciso also works at metal fabrication and welding, fishes during fishing season and basically does whatever work is available to put food on the table.

Ricardo and Cristina Ramirez

Tarimoro, Guanajuato, Mexico


Barrato!  Barrato!  Barrato!  That is the cry you hear if you follow Ricardo through the mercado where he sells children’s clothing.  The Mexican market is a lively, bustling place where one can purchase just about anything, and where vendors are not ashamed to announce that their goods are Cheap!  Cheap!  Cheap!  Ricardo and Cristina are leading our newest mission in Tarimoro in the state of Guanajuato.  Because of the huge number of people who have never heard the Gospel of Christ, this central part of Mexico has been referred to by missions researchers as “The Circle of Silence”.  The city of Tarimoro has a population of approximately 35,000 people, but no Christian church.  Less than .5% of people there consider themselves Evangelical Christians.  Pray for Ricardo and Cristina as they partner with the Coult family in this new-frontier mission.  The Ramirez family recently began homeschooling their three children, Damaris, Jasiel and Sara and they ask that the Church pray for wisdom and strength in all that God has called them to do.

Tino and Elizabeth Zuñiga

El Marcol, Sinaloa, Mexico


Tino and Elizabeth are the newest members of the OperationFLOW team.  They have a passion to teach God’s word, a heart to see people know Jesus personally and hands willing to serve in any capacity necessary.  Tino, his wife and their three children, America, Johel and Abisaí, know what it means to suffer for Christ.  For over a year, they pastored a congregation in a small farming community in Sinaloa and were persecuted for their faith and their efforts to help the people there.  At one point, during a worship meeting, men came to the church building and began to weld the doors shut…with the congregation still inside.  Tino and Elizabeth held firm to their faith and refused to give up until, eventually, the other believers moved to a different city and the Zuñiga family returned to their hometown of Marcol.  They joined with us in the summer of 2016.  Since that time, they have been serving and helping at our various missions.  Tino has begun using his soccer skills and his gift of teaching to coach kids in his village with the goal of seeing them dedicate their lives to Christ.  Elizabeth has begun a kids’ after-school Bible class in her home and they ask for wisdom as they try to show Christ’s love to those around them.

Kevin M.


Pictured here with Brother Simon and his family in Patla, Puebla, Kevin is working in the US and Mexico to  rally and equip workers to fulfill the Great Commission among the unreached people groups of the world. You can read more about his work with People International at www.gopeople.org.