OperationFLOW interns come from all over the US and Mexico. In addition to working with our team of pastors and leaders across Mexico, serving alongside them and supporting as children’s teachers, worship leaders, and pretty much anything else that needs doing, interns will participate in a Biblical discipleship program.

Included in the training is participation in Pathways to Understanding the Bible (a nine-workshop course in inductive Bible study and teaching tools), Biblical counseling, Biblical discipleship, language classes (both English and Spanish), children’s ministry training, music lessons and training in “administrative skills” (read that: “dishes, laundry and general janitorial tasks”).

Cost for internships is on a case-by-case basis, and all internships are subject to screening. If you or one of your students are interested in more information
about an intership with OperationFLOW, contact us to request the application forms and student handbook.