You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere!

I’ve been putting off starting to post on this blog. I’m not sure why, exactly. Probably the same reason I stopped posting on our old blog: no time.

Well, WordPress has this really neat mobile app. So in this few minutes that I have between events, I can post a few pics as easily as I post to Facebook. I like it!

All righty then!!! Let’s get this blog started! Here’s a photo of Doug and I in Filomenomata, Veracruz, where we’ve been visiting for the past week. 

This is graduation week, so all the schools in all the villages are having their ceremonies, AND each graduate (or family with graduates) has a party afterward. With food. A LOT of food! So, we’ve been going from village to village, crashing all the graduation parties all week. 🙂 Just kidding. Kind of. Pastor Mariano has been taking us, so we are invited guests. 

Fortunately (I think), all of these towns are built on the sides of mountains, so there’s a lot of hiking to be done to travel from one dinner to the next! It’s a great way to burn off all those calories! 😀

Here are pics from Mecatlan, Veracruz…

We parked at the entrance to the city center and began climbing.

And we kept climbing.

It’s a beautiful town of about 4000 people. There are buildings in the city center that we’re built more than 500 years ago — pre-hispanic. Amazing history lessons!

We celebrated an elementary school graduation with a yummy meal called “barbacoa”, which is nothing like barbacoa from Sinaloa. It’s meat marinated in chile and cooked in corn husks (or banana leaves), served with refried beans and salsa. Just yum!

Then we walked some more and ate some more… Then we walked some more. Then we ate some more…

At the end of the day, we went to a church service at the mission there, where Doug was able to fit several of the members with hearing aids. Unfortunately, the photos are on my camera. That’s the down-side of the mobile app. Trust me: it was beautiful! I’ll post pics soon. 

Ok. End of our first blog post. Like I said, you’ve gotta start somewhere!


One thought on “You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere!

  1. Enjoyed your first WordPress blog, and loved seeing all of the photos alongside your summary points! Sending love to you all, and keeping you in our prayers!


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